1. If you are a special passenger looking to book an international flight, please contact Hainan Airlines’ 24-hour booking service hotline at 95339.

(1) The provision of baby cradles is limited to wide-body aircraft only. Passengers, limited to one person, who have requested a baby cradle may be allocated a paid seat with additional legroom at no extra cost.

(2) Children between the ages of two weeks and twelve years old can be accommodated with paid seats free of charge, based on their individual needs.

2. Advance seat reservation is not available for emergency exit rows on domestic flights. Passengers who are eligible to pre-select seats in emergency exit rows on international flights must meet the following criteria: they should not have any special needs and must comply with both civil aviation safety regulations and Hainan Airlines’ safety operation and management standards.

(1) Passengers who are under 15 years old or over 65 years old are excluded;

(2) Passengers are willing to provide assistance in case of emergency;

(3) Passengers are able to read and comprehend printed or pictorial instructions, and follow crew orders in case of emergency;

(4) If passengers are unable to sit in the emergency exit row for personal reasons, they may apply for a full refund at the airport ticket office or by contacting Hainan Airlines' 24-hour booking service hotline at 95339.

3. You can reserve seats through official website or mobile application of Hainan Airlines and we will try our best to reserve your seat selection for you. Flight adjustments may result in the alteration or cancellation of your seat reservation. If your itinerary is rescheduled or your ticket is reissued, the original seat reservation will be cancelled. Therefore, please promptly check the official website or APP of Hainan Airlines for updates on your seat reservation. Please refer to the seat allocation information displayed during check-in for the actual arrangement.

4. For safety reasons, such as weight and balance of flights, please note that front row seats may be unavailable for advance selection. This is to ensure the safety of the flight.

5. Free advance seat selection:

(1) Passengers on domestic flights are able to choose their seats up to 1 hour prior to the departure. This service is available for the following cabin classes: C, D, Z, I, J, R, W, Y, B, Q, E, H, K, L, M, X, V, N, P, G, S, and O. Preferred Economy Class (A, U, T) is not eligible for advance seat selection(including free and paid advance seat selection).

(2) For international flights, passengers can select their seats in advance up to 2 hour prior to departure with no restrictions on cabin class.

6. Paid advance seat selection:

(1) Fortune Wings Club members are not permitted to overdraw their membership rewards points in order to redeem paid seat selection. However, if you are travelling with a companion who is under the same carriage contract as you, or if you have designated a beneficiary, you must choose to use your rewards points to select seats for them together.

(2) Paid seat selection on international flights can be refunded fully up to 48 hours before departure through the original purchase channel. Paid seat selection on domestic flights can be refunded fully free of charge up to 24 hours before departure through the original purchase channel. Paid seat selection for international flights within 48 hours of departure, and for domestic flights within 24 hours of departure, cannot be rescheduled, endorsed, or refunded, except in cases of flight irregularities or if the passenger is ineligible to sit in an emergency exit row for personal reasons. To view the pricing for paid seat selection, kindly refer to the General Price Standard for International/Domestic and Regional Flights. For further information, please contact our 24-hour booking service hotline at 95339.

(3) If a seat reservation is cancelled due to itinerary rescheduling, ticket number or flight adjustments, etc., the paid seat can be refunded fully through the original purchase channel and a new reservation can be made.

7. Due to differences in aircraft types, the distribution of oxygen masks may vary. Passengers travelling with infants are advised to proceed to the check-in counter at the airport to select their seats.

8. Due to technical issues, advance seat selection may not be available on certain routes. Please check the list of supported routes when making your booking.

9. Advance seat selection is only available for the flights with airline code 880 actually operated by Hainan Airlines and Grand China Air, and is not available for flights without airline code 880.

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