1. Reservation Time Limit: The prepaid baggage service is accessible from the date of ticket issuance to 6 hours (inclusive) before aircraft departure and prior to check-in.

2. Reservation Instructions of International (Regional) prepaid Baggage:

(1) For each flight, passengers can purchase between 1 to 5 pieces of prepaid baggage.

(2) It is applicable to be operated by Hainan Airlines (HU) direct flights between Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Haikou, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities to North America, Europe (and Russia), the Middle East, Australia, Asia, Africa and the China areas (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

(3) For system reasons, some overseas departing stations suspend the sale of prepaid baggage, and more details are available on system-supported routes.

3. Notice on the Reservation of Domestic Prepaid Baggage Service:

(1) Passengers can purchase extra baggage allowance by the following amounts: 5KG/10KG/15KG/20KG/25KG/30KG/35KG. Each passenger can purchase a maximum of 35KG of extra baggage allowance.

(2) It is applicable for Hainan Airlines(HU) self-operated direct flights departing from Beijing, Xi'an, Haikou, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Sanya, and Urumqi.

4. Notes:

(1) Passengers on international and domestic connecting flights and infant passengers are not eligible for this service.

(2) Prepaid baggage service is not applicable to overweight or oversized baggage (the sum of length, width, and height exceeds 158CM and the total weight exceeds 23KG) on international (regional) routes. Additional fees will be charged without any discount at the airport if checked baggage exceeds the limit.

(3) For international (regional) and domestic routes to which the prepaid baggage service is applicable, the quotation and payment currency are that of the departure country (region). The actual price displayed on system shall prevail.

(4) Before check-in, prepaid baggage service can be refunded free of charge but only through the original purchase channel. Refunded is not eligible for prepaid baggage service after check-in.

(5) The prepaid baggage service must be bought and refunded in whole. For instance, if you have reserved the prepaid baggage service for two pieces of luggage at once, you can only apply for a full refund instead of just one piece or a refund based on weight; and if you ordered the prepaid baggage service for 10kg of baggage at once, you have to request a full refund instead of a partial refund based on weight.

(6) Within 1 month from the date of the flight, please contact the Hainan Airlines 24-hour booking service hotline 95339 for an invoice (paper or electronic). You can also download Hainan Airlines APP to apply for electronic invoices online.

5. The baggage counter price is for reference only, and the final price displayed on counter shall prevail.

6. The reservation service is only applicable for 880 E-ticket HNA flights and is not available for non-880 E-ticket flights.

7. Redeem Prepaid Baggage with Points:

(1) Applicable parties: Members of the Fortune Wings Club and their accompanying passengers ( in the same booking code as the members).

(2) Scope of Redemption: Points can only be used to redeem domestic prepaid baggage; Foreign (Regional) prepaid baggage is not eligible for redemption.

(3) After redeeming prepaid baggage, in case of voluntary ticket refund, rescheduling, or change of ticket after check-in, the redeemed prepaid baggage allowance will be cancelled and the points will not be refunded.

(4) After redeeming prepaid baggage, in case of voluntary ticket refund, rescheduling (not to the same class), or change of ticket before check-in, the refund can be applied through the original redemption platform before the scheduled departure of the flight, and the points will be returned to corresponding Fortune Wings Club account within 7-10 business days. The prepaid baggage allowance in the same class redeemed with points can be altered automatically with the ticket information.

(5) After redeeming prepaid baggage in case of voluntary ticket refund, rescheduling, or change of ticket, the regulations for irregular flights will be executed.

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