Air Meals

Passengers flying with Hainan airlines can reserve our exquisite in-flight meal in 10 days to 24 hours(including) prior to departure time.

Terms and Conditions

Applicable routes

This product is suitable for Hainan airlines non-stop flights from Beijing-Haikou, Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Shenzhen,Beijing-Sanya, Haikou-Beijing, Xi'an-Pairs, Xi'an-Roman, Xi'an-Sydney, Xi'an-Melbourne.

Meal category

We offer the following meals, beverages, and cakes on different routes:

routes Beverages Meal Cake Friendly reminder
Haikou-Beijing Happy Fields Cabernet Sauvignon
San Medin Sauvignon Blanc
Finca el Puntal Red Wine
Grilled filet mignon
pan-fried lamb chops
Wellington salmon
roast chicken chop with thyme
German meat platter
black pepper filet mignon
Child's Cake
Fruit Cake
White Beauty Cake
Pink Princess Cake
Black Forest Cake
Different routes provide
different meal options for purchase.
Please contact us
for more details.
-- Roasted lamb chops
Roasted chicken breast
Pan-fried codfish fillet in herb and tomato sauce
Beef fillet with cumin
BBQ chicken breast
Pan-fried codfish fillet pepper and cherry tomato sauce
-- Assorted Vegetable Frittatas
Seafood Fritters
Roasted egg with avocado
Egg Toasties
Grilled rib-eye steak
black pepper sauce steak
black pepper sauce lamb chop
Stewed lamb shank

Refund, Change and Endorsement Provisions


1. Voluntary Refunds

1) Outside 24hours (inclusive) before flight departure, a paid catering order can be cancelled with no commission charges. You can log in "My bookings" of "Flight+" store on Hainan Airlines official website to apply for the refund and it will be returned to your account automaticlly after submitting the application. Refunds will be automatically returned.

2) Within 24hours before your flight departure, refund applications for paid catering are not accepted .

2. Involuntary Refunds

Bookings for paid catering can be cancelled with out any commission charges. You can log in "My bookings" of "Flight+" store on Hainan Airlines official website to apply for the refund. Your bookings will be cancelled after submitting application and refund will be returned to your account after approval.

Changes and endorsements:

Date changes and endorsements is not available for paid catering, your orders will be dealt with refund rules.


(1)Passengers who order the paid catering can enjoy an upgrade on the main course, while the oringin course for economy class will no longer be provided. Catering includes booked main course, salad, sliced seasonal fruits, packaged cake and a cup of yogurt.

(2) Upgrade meals differ with flight dates. We will match the available meals according to your flight.

(3)Owing to the limitations of available cabin space, you can only choose one meal from special meal or upgraded meal, wich means once you booked an upgraded meal, you are not allowed to place an order of special meal.

(4)Our meal and beverage upgrade are limited for purchase. First come, first served.