Optimal seat selection

Hainan Airlines introduces “Optimal Seat Selection” on some international routes between China and Europe, North America, Russia, Australia, Southeast Asia and Taiwan. For a modest fee, passengers may select seats with additional legroom or front seats in the economy-class cabin. The numbers of seats are limited per flight and must be prepaid. For more details, please contact Hainan Airlines’24-hour service hotline at 95339 in China or ticket offices both inside and outside China.

Conditions apply

Front row economy class seats and emergency exit row seats

Flight Service Applicable Seats Price
Platinum member Gold member Silver member Others
Beijing = North America, Europe
Shanghai(Pudong)= Boston, Seattle,Brussels
Xi'an=North America, Europe, Australia
Changsha=Los Angeles
the first row seats & safety aisle seats Free 300CNY/10000 points 400CNY/15000 points 600CNY/20000 points
the front row seats in the economy-class cabin Free Free Free 100CNY/3000 points
Beijing = Almaty
Beijing = Bangkok
the first row seats of economy-class cabin Free 150CNY/5000 points 200CNY/6500 points 300CNY/10000 points
Beijing=Taipei, Xi’an=Taipei, Dalian=Taipei, Lanzhou=Taipei, Guangzhou=Taipei, Xi'an= Tokyo(Narita), Beijing=Tokyo(Haneda),
Haikou = Taipei
the first row seats of economy-class cabin Free 100CNY/3000 points 150CNY/5000 points 200CNY/6500 points

Product precautions

1. Reservations principles: First come, first served.
2. Special passengers: passenger with infant (limited to one person) is free to apply for bassinet space, without extra charge.
3.Those making advanced bookings for seats of emergency exit rows must be non-special travellers according to the civil aviation safety regulations, be aged form 15 to 60 years old, and be willing and able to fulfill the corresponding obligations when meeting the relevant conditions.
Passengers may apply for refunds at the airport ticket office where conditions for sitting by the emergency exit are not met caused by the passenger’s own reasons.
4. The product can be refunded with no charge for the 48 hours prior to departure time(contain). Within 48 hours prior to departure time and after flight take-off, the product cannot be refunded (except irregular flights or that the passenger do not conform to seating in the emergency exit seats).


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