Prepaid baggage

Hainan Airlines has launched international and domestic prepaid luggage products. Passengers taking Hainan Airlines' flights to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and all domestic flights, just need to purchase excess baggage in advance any time between the day of ticket issuance and 24 hours prior to flight departure. Comparing with paying for the excess baggage at the airport, purchase prepaid baggage in advance can enjoy 20% discount off.

Conditions apply

  • Product description

    International prepaid baggage: Passenger may select 1 to 5 pieces for each flight depending on their requirements.

    Domestic prepaid baggage: Passenger may select 5KG/10KG/15KG/20KG/25KG/30KG/35KG in line with their requirements, each passenger can purchase up to 35KG of baggage allowance prepaid products.

  • Applicable routes

    International flights: Beijing=Boston\Seattle\Chicago\Las Vegas\San Jose\Toronto\Calgary\St Petersburg\Moscow\ Berlin\Brussels\Manchester\Prague\Alma-Ata\Tokyo\Phuket\Tel Aviv\Taipei\Bangkok; Shanghai=Boston\Seattle\Brussels\Tel Aviv; Chongqing=New York City\Los Angeles\Rome; Chengdu=New York City\Los Angeles; Changsha=Los Angeles\Melbourne\Sydney\Sapporo Xi'an=Paris\Rome\Tokyo\Melbourne\Sydney\Taipei Shenzhen=Brisbane\Cairns\Auckland Hangzhou=Sapporo; Guangzhou=Taipei; Haikou=Taipei; Lanzhou=Taipei; Dalian=Taipei

    Domestic flights: All domestic flights operated by HU

  • Applicable seat classes

    All seat classes

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